Sunday, February 11

Kindergarten Monsters.....

My friend, Marjean - from Idaho, saved some pretty special drawings her grandson drew when he was in Kindergarten.
She wanted to create a quilt with them - so she did!
Marjean is so creative! 
She took those drawings and cut chunky pieces of fabric to re-create the monsters.
Here are the original drawings:
He's older now and to see these drawings return in a quilt just for him, is priceless.
He remembers drawing them and now he gets to snuggle with them.
I had such fun quilting this quilt. 
I changed thread color a bazillion times.
I used the shape of the monsters to create the quilting designs.
Here's a better photo in the sunlight to show the quilting - see how much fun I had!
Each monster has a bunch of spikes - that's serious business!
 A "before quilting" photo....
After the quilting photo.
This little guy has an amazing amount of talent, too. 

Each monster has a completely different personality.
I love the gold spikes on this egg-head one.
Monster pencils.....maybe?
What a darling label....
Truly a gift from the heart - from grandson to grandma and back to grandson again.
Thank you for letting me add to this precious creation.

Friday, January 26

Dwight the Deer

I love Dwight the Deer.....
He's an Elizabeth Hartman design.
You can find him here at Fabric Worm. 
(I love this online shop).
You can find the arrows, "Pointy" here,
at Elizabeth's online shop.
I know you can find him several other places...
 just Google them.
I had to take some photos here in Montana before
I sent it to Michigan. 
It's still snowy here.
He's just hanging out in our wood pile.
For the backing I had a couple of flannel pieces I had been saving - just right for a baby quilt.
I made this quilt for a little guy, Carter,
born just last week, in Michigan.
I asked the family what colors his bedroom was.
My sister-in-law said, "blue & grey & a little brown".
I went to work, cutting & sewing.
This is how it all came together - perfectly!
Welcome to this amazing world, little one. 

Sunday, January 7

Big Foot sighting......

I couldn't resist this "Legendary" quilt designed
by Elizabeth Hartman.
You can purchase the pattern here.
My friend, Lexie, and I are teaching this quilt at the winter Adult Education session in my home town of Ennis, Montana.
Here's the link to the school's program
It was so fun to make!
 For the backing I chose brushed plaids - nice & snuggly.
I quilted an all-over wood grain design.
Then I spotted him just hanging out in our wood pile. 
 He gets around!

Saturday, December 23

Christmas Scrappy Trip......

I finally finished my scrappy Christmas trip quilt - just in time!
(It was snowing today so the pictures look a little fuzzy.)
Thank you, Trish, in Mississippi, for piecing most of the blocks for me. 
I seem to get quilts started then get distracted with other things and have a hard time coming back to them.
Anyone else out there have this going on in their
quilting lives?
I exchanged fabrics with my sweet friend, Sherry, from Virginia.  thank you.....
So it's a collaborated quilt.
I did a very simple all-over stipple - it's so busy a fancier design would have been lost.
For the binding I used a chevron fabric which makes it look like candy cane!
The backing is a couple of Christmas prints I used from Sweetwater.
I love everything about this quilt.
Merry Christmas, everyone.....
Here's to more and more quilts in 2018...

Thursday, December 7

Erynn's first quilt...

Our Colorado family came to visit over Thanksgiving.
14-year old Erynn didn't have anything to do.
So I asked her, "Do you know how to use a sewing machine?" ....."no"...
Well, we had about 7 days together -
so she learned how to use one!
She went through my stash of fabrics and
picked out some pretties.
She cut 5" squares - 168 of them - sewed them together
and this is the result:
  So much pinning.....
 We took a few breaks to make cookie dough... 
She quilted single loops on my long arm machine.
It turned out so, so pretty.....just like her.
I enjoyed every single minute with her......
love you, Miss Erynn.

Thursday, November 9

Double Wedding Ring wedding quilt...

This adorable couple got married last year.
This is my son, Gavin, and his pretty wife, Brooke.
"I DO".....
What a cute little family....
Brooke has always wanted a "Double Wedding Ring" quilt - so.....I made one for her.
I decided to use the "Metro Rings" pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful.
It was so fun to make.....I have one cut out for myself, too.

Making progress......
The rings are coming together.

I'm in love with this backing - it here.
Brooke requested a grey background, turquoise and apricot corners, and vintage type rings.
I used my Denyse Schmidt stash for the rings.
I kept it simple - stippled the entire quilt and added a pretty feather in the outer border.
It's a queen size - about 90" x 108"....80 blocks.
All bound & headed to Alaska - where they are stationed.
Yes, I hugged it and filled it with love before I sent it.
I love you....

Saturday, October 28

Sherri's Trip Around the World

My friend, Sherri, from Alaska, sent me some pretty fabrics she had extras of.
I decided to use them in a Trip Around the World quilt.
 I was teaching this class and decided it was the perfect time to use these lovely fabrics.
 The back is a Tula Pink Free Fall extra wide.
See those little birds floating around among the
giant dots - love it!
I have a scrappy binding.
 I quilted cross hatching in the center and swirled the borders.
This is one of my favorite color combinations - I used an Amy Butler floral for my starting point in pulling fabrics.
Here's a shortened version of the fabric requirements and cutting to create this twin size, 75" x 99".
You could easily find detailed instructions online......somewhere out there!
Fabric requirements:
3/4 yard each of 7 colors for the center
1st border      3/4 yard
2nd border     7/8 yard
3rd border         1 yard
Cutting requirements:
Cut 7 strips @ 3 1/2" from each color which will give you 7 panels - sew them in the same order.
The borders should be cut the same 3 1/2" width.
(I used what I had on hand for borders)
Thank you, Sherri, for sharing your beautiful fabrics with me. I love this quilt!