Thursday, December 1

Lexie & Miss Tula's 100 blocks

Lexie did it - she pieced all 100 blocks from Tula Pink's book, "Tula Pink's City Sampler".
It's so pretty...she used Tula's fabrics.
I need to make one.
I wanted to quilt each block with as much straight line
quilting as I could.
In the background sashing I quilted a wood grain design.
The blocks are so simple which allows you to add some really fun fabrics in them.
It was such fun to quilt!
Lexie used one of my favorite Tula Pink extra wide backings - "Free Fall".
Here's another quilt Lexie pieced.
It's "Stars & Stripes" by Thimble Blossoms.
You can purchase it here.
You all know how I feel about anything patriotic...
This is such a great quilt!
I quilted straight vertical lines in the blue fields, wavy horizontal lines in the stripes and swirled
that darling background.
Her backing is perfect - it's another extra wide back.
Lexie is always working on quilts I want to make, too.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Wednesday, November 16

"Woven" times 2

I needed a couple of quilt models for a lecture I
was giving recently.
I needed them FAST!  (the lecture was a week away....)
I had just received a copy of Allison Harris's new pattern, "Woven", and it was perfect!
I grabbed some fat 1/4's and went to work.
I needed a masculine quilt and a feminine quilt. 
They worked up speedy quick and were so fun!
I would seriously make a bunch of them to have on hand.
Her instructions were so easy to follow (they always are), she's so smart!
Here are a few photos of them:
This is the "boy" one....I used some of my Cotton & Steel prints with a Denyse Schmidt orange print.
I used fat 1/4's from my stash for this pretty girl one.
I had a small chunk of this flannel backing in my stash. 
I wish I had a bolt of it!
For the back of the girly one I had a pretty piece of fleece in my stash, so this on is a little fluffier.
They are so cute, side by side, on my neighbors
garage door.
It was a beautiful day in Montana - so I grabbed my camera & took advantage of the sunshine.
(Can you see the antelope watching up on the hill?)
I love these wagons on Danette's property.
Thank you, Danette, for letting me take advantage of your beautiful property for photos.
I quilted straight lines & long loops on the boy quilt.
The girl quilt got pretty all-over flowers and loops.
 Thank you, Allison, for such a fun pattern. 
I'll certainly be making more of this one!
"Woven" - saved the day!
You can find this pattern and all of Allison's "Cluck Cluck Sew" patterns here.

Thursday, November 10

cute quilt label idea...

My Idaho friend, Karen, created this label idea for her quilts.
I think it's genius!
She takes a square of fabric, folds it in half diagonally with wrong sides together, writes or embroiders her information on it, then sews the two raw edges into the binding on the back of her quilt.  All she has to do is slip stitch the one folded edge down.
Here are a few photos of some she made.
This is a patriotic one she wrote on with a permanent marker.
Karen used the script program on her sewing machine to make this one:
I love this - she cut the information from the selvage edge of the fabric she used and sewed it on for the label.
This is a stunning quilt Karen made - all batiks.
She said it was her first large quilt - go big or go home?
I quilted a pretty swirl all over it.
She added this very cool "weave" to the back with her left-over squares.  So pretty.
Get creative with your labels!
I'm stealing Karen's idea...

Friday, October 14

Christmas quilt deadline...

November 10th
will be the deadline for getting a quilt to me in order to have them back to you for Christmas.
Just showing off the stockings I made my daughter's family a few years back.

Wednesday, September 28

my son's wedding...

My son, Gavin, got married last week.
He married the sweetest girl - Brooke.
They are perfect for each other.
She has two adorable little kids - now they are the most adorable little family.
Here are a few photos of the happy family...
At the courthouse in Tucson, AZ, with a plethora
(I love that word) of others waiting to get married.
Brooke's mom is helping the little ones.
(Brooke is totally rocking those heels!)
And the four became one...
 I love this son of mine...
The anticipation....waiting, waiting....
My family....I love these people!
(my daughter & her cute family, my husband & Gavin are the bookends)
Happy couple!
 I made each of them a snuggly quilt. 
This is Gavin's - softness on the back (a blanket from Costco) and "Hello Bear" stags on the front. 
I purchased the fabric from one of my favorite online shops, Hawthorne Threads.
I simply quilted straight horizontal lines.
 Brooke got this beautiful stag panel, also from Hawthorne Threads
I just added a couple of borders and quilted it with swirls.
 Mmmmmm a blanket from Costco on the back.

Friday, September 9

4 new Cluck Cluck Sew patterns...

YES - 4 new patterns by my friend,
Allison Harris, of Cluck Cluck Sew.
"Woven", "Celebrate", "Starstruck", and "Uptown".
She's also using some of her new "Dixie" fabrics,
 so wonderful!
I don't know how she does it - with 4 kiddos.
She's my hero!
I was lucky enough to get to quilt 2 of these new quilts.
(Allison takes much better photos than I do - so just keep that in mind.)
Here are a few photos of the two I quilted:
This is "Starstruck".
You can read about it on Allison's blog, here.
I quilted an all-over loop pattern.
This backing is from her new fabric line, "Dixie".
This one is "Uptown".
You can read more about it here on Allison's blog.
 I quilted rows and rows of "L - loops". 
 I love row quilting!
This cute back is also from her "Dixie" line which is now available.
I love everything about her patterns and quilts.
They are SO well written and include multiple sizes.
She's having a SALE - 30% off patterns with the discount code QUILT.
Hurry - the sale doesn't last forever!
Here's the link to her pattern page.

Friday, August 26

2 finishes.....Lone Star & Single Girl

I've been wanting to make this quilt for a few years now.
It's "Single Girl" by Denyse Schmidt.
You can get the pattern on her website here.
I decided to use some of my Denyse Schmidt fabrics that I've been collecting.
Here's a peak through my cute iron bed's very old and I love it! 
My bed frame is a full size so this queen size quilt drapes really nicely.
I quilted a simple swirl with pebbles design in the solid areas and straight-ish lines on the rings.
I purchased the backing, "Sparse Floral", from Hawthorne Threads - it's a Denyse Schmidt print, too, along with the binding.
I really love DS prints and wanted an entire quilt out of them.
I'm so happy with the results and I would definitely make this quilt again.
You know how I love Lone Stars.....

I made this one out of happy prints from my stash.
I had several yards of the green henna garden and wanted it for the background. 

The backing is one of my favorites "finds" to date - Free Fall from Tula Pink.
I purchased mine from Hawthorne Threads, again!  (I love this place!!!)
It comes in several color ways so the creamcicle was perfect for my colorful quilt.

It made me happy to use this cute pink DS eyelet print for the binding.

I feels SO good to get a couple of quilts finished and on my beds!